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Re: [SLUG] Re: Snakes and Rubies?

Matthew Palmer wrote:

> Personally, I think the general OSDC-style evening would probably be best --

Yep, that would get my vote.

> especially if we can get some interesting talks on niche languages (or the
> term I heard today -- "stretch languages"[1]) to get people interested in
> what else is out there.

I nomimate the following for "stretch languages":


Of those, at least two (and possibly Ocaml as a third with its strong
ML roots) have a history of over 20 years.

If this SIG is Python/Perl/Ruby, you are unlikey to get people with
knowledge of these stretch languages along.

  Erik de Castro Lopo
"I invented the term Object-Oriented, and I can tell you I
did not have C++ in mind." -- Alan Kay