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[SLUG] Re: Snakes and Rubies?

On Wed, May 24, 2006 at 03:45:26PM +1000, nornagon wrote:
> Python and Ruby are in many ways very similar.

Where does this idea come from?  Perl and Ruby are much closer, in my mind
-- there's a clear flow of ideas from one to the other.  Yes, you can do
most of the same things in both languages, but that's not a big thing --
ultimately you can make the same comparison between most pairs of languages. 
There's lots of things that are tricky in Python that are trivial in Ruby,
and I assume there's something that's hard in Ruby that's easy in Python.

> bloodlust for the Other Kind. However, having a Snakes and Rubies
> group would bring the two groups together in a (hopefully) peaceful
> way, and lead to civil discussions and productive conversations.


In fact, I can think of few things *worse* than an S&R meeting -- it'd either
be inflammatory sniping about the percieved or actual deficiencies in each
other's languages, or anaemic acknowledgement of the other's virtues. 
Neither sounds like a fun way to spend an evening to me.

> Codefests for code. S&R for scripting. That's what SIGs are all about.

Because Ruby and Python are the only two possible languages for scripting?

Personally, I think the general OSDC-style evening would probably be best --
especially if we can get some interesting talks on niche languages (or the
term I heard today -- "stretch languages"[1]) to get people interested in
what else is out there.

- Matt

[1] http://osteele.com/archives/2006/02/stretch-languages