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Re: [SLUG] BSD SOckets

Bruce Badger wrote:

Where is the specification of BSD sockets definitively expressed?

There is a series of books entitled "Internetworking with TCP/IP", 1988-1993, by Comer
and Stevens.

In Volume III, Chapter 5 is entirely devoted to Berkeley Sockets which is
now known as BSD Sockets. This chapter is a definitive description of
Sockets, the specs of a protocol interface, the socket abstraction, and data
structures. The following chapters use sockets programming if you wish
to see the codes in C language.

There is no RFC in IETF for sockets itself because it is already well-defined
and  specified  almost without ambiguity  in  this book. However, there is
a committee known as 'IEEE 1003.13 Interpretations Committee' that takes
care of issues that have arisen since.

You probably know that there are tons of Tutorials on Socket Programming
that you can find on the internet.

What standards body is responsible for the specification?

I read that BSD Sockets are a de facto standard (e.g. in RFC 2553), so
the answers may be nowhere and nobody respectively ... but I'm hoping
there is a body somewhere that owns the spec.

Hope this helps.

O Plameras