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[SLUG] Stuck in basic HTML Gmail

Hi All,

trivial, I woulda thought, but, seems not for me. I signed in today,
and found that I'm now in basic HTML format, something I most
certainly didn't select, and each time I select Switch to standard
view, it comes straight back as HTML. Anyone else experienced this?
I've tried logging out/back in, to no avail. Cheers.

Mark Sargent.

EDIT: I actually sent this to the list using another, unregistered, email address(oops). Moderator, please disregard the other post. I also found the culprit; I had switched the user-agent to IE 6 via User Agent Switcher in Firefox. See Googles explanation for this below,

What's the difference between 'standard' view and 'basic HTML' view?

Standard view is what you'll see when you sign in to Gmail from a fully supported browser.

In case you don't have access to a fully supported browser, we still want you to have access to Gmail - that's why we've developed a basic HTML view of our service that is compatible with almost any browser. If you sign in to Gmail using a browser that isn't fully supported, you'll automatically be directed to the basic HTML view.

Guess that explains it all, yes?