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Re: [SLUG] Apache execute a CGI as another user

Dean Hamstead wrote:
could you drop the command into a spool, then run it off a queue?

Interesting idea. Can you point to any docs that describe how to set up a batch queue in Linux al la VMS batch queue?

did you try setting the s(et)uid bit of the script?

yeah didn't work. I placed the 'id' command in the top of the script and it doesn't report the id as 'matlab' it still reports it to be apache. Even though ls -l shows the script to be owned by matlab group apache and rwsrws---

I vaguely recall that chmod +s is only valid for binaries as the command being executed is bash, the script is just a data file to bash. I could be wrong on this one though...

apache also has suexec, which might also help you.

Hmmm, looks like this might be the one but there's some pain ahead I suspect.

Thanks for the suggestions