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Re: [SLUG] Internet connection speed.

On Thu, May 11, 2006 12:24 pm, Terry Collins wrote:
> Voytek Eymont wrote:

> That just shows you who the clueless business people are.
> If your website isn't set up for 28.8/33.6Kmodem users, then you are
> loosing an awfull lot of customers.

or perhaps avoid a whole swag of tyre kickers who leave smudged
fingerprints on the showroom glass, realistically, I they can't afford or
are not willing/able to get more modern link, the're most likely not about
to buy whatever

whilst I agree with you in principle, in reality, well, it's somewhat

few years ago, I was discussing a business web site that was flash-only
and, latest-version-flash only, with no non-flash alternative.

I suggest to the MD they should have a non-flash alternative

the MD asked me why, and I explained not every one had the lastest flash,
and, these users couldn't see the site at all

I was told 'well, then they're not the sort of clients we're after'

I then remembered that my Mum told me never to argue with my sister, so I

as a wise person said, a lot of technically minded ppl leave in a rarified
stratum far removed from the real world