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Re: [SLUG] Internet connection speed.

Voytek Eymont wrote:

> 300 baud acoustic coupler ?

I'm not sure if i kept it actually {:-).
> I have a voice/fax gateway using 33600 modems
> ocassionally, I need to access internet using such a modem

Oooooohh, high speed. woa.com.au ran on a 28.8K perm modem link for
about three years. Lol, DDOS and \. were self limiting.

> maybe not painfull for ssh...
> but, if not painfull, for web browsing, certainly good character building...

That just shows you who the clueless business people are.
If your website isn't set up for 28.8/33.6Kmodem users, then you are
loosing an awfull lot of customers.

> yes, but: a brand new windoze XP SP2 system will need about 50MB updates
> out of the box... getting that succesfully down on a dial up is not my
> idea of exciting afternoon... (weekend..?)
> not exactly very practical

Posted CDs are usually cheap and useful for when you have to do the
inevitable re-install.

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