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[SLUG] Hardware Question

Hi all

I am building a Production FC4 box with Scalix (www.scalix.com) for use in a
small site (12 users). The site is My church and I don't have Bucketloads of
$$ to spend but I have two available boxes to build on. 

1Ghz Celeron with 1.5Gb SDRAM (3 slots)
2.8Ghz P4 with 1Gb SDRAM (2 Slots)

Now the question is this. For running Scalix (Mail server) and general Samba
stuff. Am I better to lean towards the Faster Processor with Less RAM or do
I go with the More RAM but slower Processor? From what I understand I cannot
buy SDRAM in sticks bigger than 512Mb so each Box is Maxxed out. 

Can anyone give me an educated opinion on what the best to do is?


Kevin Fitzgerald
Skype: kevtcg
MSN: kev@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Mobile: 0412 404 002
Web: www.tcgtech.com.au