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Re: [SLUG] Webdav and windows xp clients

This ia a tremendously useful piece of information and solves a problem
that I have come across.  How typical of M$ to screw things up in this
way, but I bet it will work to IIS without this kludge, thus creating yet
more vendor lockin...

On Sun, April 23, 2006 01:47, Phill O'Flynn wrote:
> Hi All
> About a week ago i posted a request for help about windows xp and
> webdav using apache.
> Unfortunately no-one had experience with making it
> work. But a fix has come to my attention
> The trouble is that somewhere
> along the line M$ decided to disable basic authentication. Unfortunately
> (as i
> understand it) Windows doesn't understand Digest authentication either.
> which
> basically screwed Windows ability to login. Also this meant that it
> (Windows) could
> only authenitcate using the server\username format which apache didn't
> understand.
> The trick is to add a registry setting to re-enable basic authentication.
> I'm sure many others have already figured this out but hopefully this can
> help
> someone else.
> So if the following lines ....
> Windows Registry Editor
> Version 5.00
> [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WebClient\Parameters]
> "UserBasicAuth"="1"
> ... are put into a file called
> "UserBasicAuth.reg" the user can just double click on to fix the problem
> without using regedit.
> AFAIK the remote folder cannot be mapped to a
> drive letter but it can be saved as a web folder under network places
> It
> works for me but I would appreciate some feedback on it before i started
> giving it
> to others for use
> Regards
> Phill
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