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Re: [SLUG] A Sys Admin's worst nightmare

On Fri, 2006-04-21 at 13:31 +1000, Simon Bowden wrote:
> Getting the root password itself is quite separate from getting root 
> access (unless you've not cleaned up after that ubuntu bug which leaves it 

I know.  I guess it should be an "impossible" task since he doesn't want
to give away the money but just attract some clientelle, in a sick kind
of way.

I added in the read a file bit so it sounded more interesting.

> cleartext). Unless someone is regularly keying in the root password and 
> they're capturing that somehow, then they'll need to break they crypt to 
> get it... (right?). Which seems a little unfair.

I agree it sounds unfair but do we really want people to have much of a

Anyway, thanks for your comments, Simon.

Simon Wong <linux@xxxxxxxxx>