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Re: [SLUG] Dual Screen woes.. ;)

On Thu, 20 Apr 2006 08:52 pm, Charles Myers wrote:
> Ok yet another possible silly question, I have googled but everything
> that isnt related comes up (as you will see my problem maybe very
> specific?)
> I have Ubuntu running dual screen, but when I play a game the game
> centres in between the two monitors. Is this usual? Or would anyone know
> a workaround I could use to direct it to one monitor?
> Thanks for any help..

If you're using a reasonably recent nVidia card (Geforce onwards) they have an 
option called "TwinView" that allows you to setup "meta modes" that can use 
one monitor or another instead of spanning.  I use the drivers from nVidia, 
not the pre-packaged ones - no idea if the pre-packaged driver has these 
features, but replacing it with the one from nVidia isn't hard.

I have a pair of 19" LCD's hooked up to my FX5700 card on Kubuntu (Breezy) and 
when I have the need[1] to do some fragging Quake runs on the right hand 
screen at 1024x768 (fully accelerated) and the left hand monitor dutifully 
goes to sleep.  When the game exits, both monitors come back to life at 
1280x1024 and all is good with the world :)

If you have an nVidia card and want a hand with the meta modes/TwinView 
config, drop me a line (it's all documented by nVidia but still involves a 
bit of trial and error).  If you've got an ATi card....I pity you. ;)



[1] Yes dammit! Fragging is a NEED - without it, there'd be many dead/larted
    lusers in my part of the world :P
If parents would only realize how they bore their children.
		-- G.B. Shaw

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