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Re: [SLUG] Automatix/EasyUbuntu and kernel upgrades

On Mon, 2006-04-10 at 02:40 +1000, tuxta2 wrote:

> Hmm, strange that there is a perception that Ubuntu doesn't handle 
> nvidia drivers with kernel upgrades.

Not saying it does just saying when you do a kernel update it doesnt
simple check on the reboot to make sure the nvidia driver is
re-initiated for that kernel.

> I have done many Ubuntu kernel upgrades with nvidia drivers installed, 
> no problems at all.
> All you need is the nvidia-glx package which does the rest.
> Automatix and EasyUbuntu simply apt-get the nvidia-glx packages just as 
> a user would do manually.

Mandriva has a nicer method, how about not having to download the nvidia
package again "ever" even with kernel updates and to be honest why the
hell would you unless the old driver package needs updating.

> No need to install or even think about any scripts.

Mandriva doesnt install anything it re initiates the binary glob for the
new kernel on the next reboot thanks to the extra init script in the
startup. All your configs stay the same unless the whole things fails
because the last thing you want is a user sitting in front of a big
black screen and no graphical desktop.

>  And I don't want 
> something to edit my config's without asking first, 

fine your a geek and you just failed the basics of this question, the
person wasn't talking about "you" but a normal newbie user who hasn't
got a clue about what you just said nor cares.

> I don't want it to 
> mess up my twinview setup or anything else for that matter. Maybe it 
> would be easier if Mandriva simply had a package that you could urpmi 
> the same as Ubuntu.

why urpmi anything when you already have the package installed from the
last kernel.

If you dont want Mandriva to change anything fine just disable the init
script and update your kernel and sit there while X either bombs and
dumps a new user at a command line terminal, or gives them a desktop
with 3D disabled as it defaults to the nv driver confusing the user even

> *shrugs*
> Oh well.
> Tuxta
> PS. Ubuntu rox (not to say Mandriva doesn't of course)