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Re: [SLUG] decodeing base64 ?

On Thu, April 6, 2006 11:01 am, Peter Chubb wrote:
>>>>>> "Voytek" == Voytek Eymont <lists@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Edit the file afterwards; delete all but the base64 encoded part.

> Voytek> [root@rhel mail]# { echo 'begin-base64 644 x.wav'; cat test;
> Voytek> echo ====; } | uudecode uudecode: stdin: illegal line
> Everything between the begin and end needs to be base64-encoded.  You
> probably sent it the entire file.

thanks, Peter
yes, after I removed the 4 desriptive lines it completed without error,
seems to have worked OK. I just need to figure how to play it now