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Re: [SLUG] festy

On 4/6/06, Peter Hardy <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 22:13 +1000, Lindsay Holmwood wrote:
> > We're looking at holding another Installfest this year combined with a
> > Deckfest, so it'll give people an install and information about the
> > apps on their desktop.
> Attempts to combine the two in the past have always fallen slightly
> short for resourcing reasons. We've never really had the space and/or
> enough volunteers and/or a properly organised strategy for dealing with
> the "hey, look what you can do with your computer now" aspect.
> Again, some concrete decisions about what talks will be given, and what
> will be demoed would work wonders here, as well as having enough of the
> community backing it.

And this is exactly what I was planning. :-) Combining the two is
going to be difficult, but I think that if we put enough time and
effort into it it'll take off.

I'd like to hold it within the next 3 months, around the weekend of
10-11/6. I think that'll give us ample time to plan and source the
people/talks we need. A decent venue will have to be picked too. Does
anyone have any venue suggestions? Preferably one near public

> And, finally, am I the only one who doesn't really like the 'deckfest'
> name? It doesn't really *mean* anything. You immediately have a rough
> idea about what's going to happen at an installfest. deckfest always has
> a paragraph appended explaining what it actually is.
> I'm not sure if I have a better suggestion, though. If the -fest suffix
> is mandatory, then maybe just a Linuxfest?

I threw the name out there to see what people thought of it. I
personally don't like it that much either.  Any name suggestions are
heartily welcomed - right now Linuxfest has it. :-)

If people would like to volunteer to help out at the event, either
through giving talks or helping people install Linux on their
machines, could they please send a reply to activities?