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Re: [SLUG] shared calendaring

Simon Males wrote:

ashley maher wrote:


At a meeting tonight I was asked about shared calendaring on linux that
plays well with outlook.

Going through the slug mailing list archives looks like this gets asked
regularly. I did some googling based on previous answers. I thought
worth asking again.

What are people using at the moment in this situation?

I simply know this tool exists, my boss wanted me to demo it to him but my test machine at the time was underspec of the installer (512MB).

Enterprise Email and Calendaring on Linux

last time I looked, the free (as in beer, it is not open source) version of scalix didn't support calender sharing, you had to purchase a copy for that. Scalix is very nice, but very proprietary and very expensive. Depending on the situation I would suggest Hula with the new evolution available in Dapper. It will support calender sharing and does a whole lot of cool stuff as a mail server too. Point and click admin with web mail pop and imap support. Not sure how it interacts with Outlook, but I know Hula works well with it, I just don't know about the calender sharing bit.

Gunna be really good in the future releases.