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[SLUG] Re: 2006 President's Report

On Wed, Apr 05, 2006 at 12:55:19PM +1000, Philip Greggs wrote:
> >SLUG server being offline for a few extended outages due to
> >hardware issues which thankfully have now been sorted recently
> >by removing hardware from the equation - ie it's now on a
> >virtual server.
> I check SLUG web site daily.
> Now appears reliable.
> Keep it that way.

That's certainly the plan.

> neutral. It is perceived SLUG is driven by self-interest. There are

Self-interest (enlightened, if possible) is the best driver there is.  Pure
selflessness isn't really in vogue any more, and I don't think it works
really well without an external influence to keep your focused anyway.

> many Suse, Gentoo, RH, FC, etc, users than Debian/Ubuntu.

Assuming you meant s/many/many more/ I'd say that your statement is only
true if you take the aggregate of those distributions you mentioned.  Not
that might makes right, but Debian people tend to be more "participative"
(how's that for a euphemism!) in online fora, so you're naturally going to
get more noise about that distro.

> As well there's these perceptions of too much influence by few individuals
> that alienates many would be members,  newbies and professionals alike.

You does the work, you gets the influence.

- Matt

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