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Re: [SLUG] RE: 2006 President's Report

On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 12:55 +1000, Philip Greggs wrote:
> What I heard from the rumour vines is that SLUG has become too
> Debianized and/or Ubuntoized instead of being Linux Distribution
> neutral. It is perceived SLUG is driven by self-interest. There are
> many Suse, Gentoo, RH, FC, etc, users than Debian/Ubuntu.
> I am Debian user myself in my hobby  and I don't like other Linux
> Users devaluing  other Linux distros. The archive lists seem to
> support this.

Speaking as a bit of an outsider (I'm not an actual member of SLUG, but
I write like one).

While there is a large population of Debian/Ubuntu users it hasn't to my
mind precluded fans of other distros availing themselves of either the
mailing lists or irc channels when seeking help/assistance. In fact one
of the most recent(and active) threads is seeking help in installing
VMWare on Fedora Core 5. On the irc channel there are gentoo users,
debian users, fedora users and more.

> As well there's these perceptions of too much influence by few individuals
> that alienates many would be members,  newbies and professionals alike.

Which individuals? There is - as with any group - a core group of the
most active community members, as can be seen on the mailing list/irc
channel. However the environment I have seen and participated in has
been one of come in and join the fun, just leave your flames at the
door. There are a couple of people who seem more inclined to argue than
others, however you get that with any group and it is a good indication
of a communities viability in how they deal with such people.

If people are worried about a particular aspect of SLUG or any
organisation then they need to bring it up in a forum such as this
(which you are doing) in a manner which is not going to immediately
spark an argument (again your post is polite, thoughtful and well
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