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Re: [SLUG] Ubuntu vs Novell Desktop- a real life corporate experience

This one time, at band camp, ashley maher wrote:
>The attached articles gives an alternative, and quite interesting, view.

   "Ubuntu is too basic, has an interface that resembles a washed out
   Leonardo Da Vinci painting"

They lose credibility as soon as they start attacking Ubuntu based on their
opinion of the look of the interface rather than comparing it on ability as
they do with Fedora.

   "Fedora wouldn't even recognise my wireless card."

That's at least an objective statement.

   "[...] and requires too many additional tools and downloads."

Could they possibly handwave any more?  Which tools?  What downloads?
Without concrete examples, this journalist paints himself as a liar.  No
Ubuntu install I've done has required additional tools or downloads.

The rest of the article reads like a brown-nose fanboy on the payroll of

Worst, most biased article I read all week.  D minus.