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[SLUG] Linuxworld stand for LA!

Hi all,

so we are only a month away from Linuxworld, and LA has been given a free
stand. I think we could use this opportunity to demonstrate the value of the
community, and some of the rocking Aussie projects and developers. There
often isn't very much understanding at a corporate or Government level as to
the value of the community (although, usually only by people who don't fully
understand FOSS yet) so we may as well make the best of the opportunity to
drive the point home and celebrate the community :)

Who would be willing to:

a) wear a penguin suit giving out foo
b) stand at a stall for 3/2/1/0.5 days to hand out information about FOSS to
people and explain about the community
c) help decorate the stand and pull it down afterwards

We could even show some demos of non-commercial FOSS that just inspires
the imagination.

Who's with me! :)


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