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[SLUG] Call for volunteers

SCLUG / University of Wollongong Installfest

When: Saturday, Sunday March 11-12, 9:30am to 5:00pm

Where: University of Wollongong

To help out CompSci students at UoW, we're going to run a specialised
installfest to help them replicate the lab Linux systems on their home
machines. The UoW CompSci department uses a fairly standard Debian
install, so this installfest will be using Ubuntu.

Volunteer demonstrators are required on one or both days to help out
with the hardware compatibility issues that are likely to crop up, and
to demonstrate some of the basic configuration tasks that students will
need to do once they take their shiny new systems home.

There will be morning and afternoon sessions. Last year this install
fest was oversubscribed (it is targeted at first years so very popular)

To assist the first years the Uni will run separate "Howto" sessions for
the students.

At any one session we probably need 5 volunteers. So if you can make Sat
morning but not the rest you will be very welcome anyway. 

Respond to this list and we'll get a roster going. And if you're not
sure, volunteer, you will learn a lot for yourself, and help others in
doing so.

Besides with a stack of volunteers we can have a good time too!

Need a billet. Please email me off list.