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Re: [SLUG] [ot] Running apps off usb drives

On Sat, February 18, 2006 2:11 am, Richard Hayes wrote:

> I can get OpenOffice / Firefox / Nvu on a USB key drive and can happly
> work to my hearts content.

yes, I've done something similar, including putty

> The real question is how would you get other software such as Skype or
> other VoIP clients onto a usb drive?

don't know what the anwser is as I never tried, but, curiously, as I was
looking over some USB stick specs two days ago, (thinking, should I get a
bigger stick ?), I noticed there is something called "U3 Smart", from
sandisk's specs:

Cruzer? Titanium provides the latest in UFD technology, a U3 Smart capable
flash drive.  Cruzer? Titanium is a computer in your pocket ? with U3,
your programs are available at any time on any PC.

    * U3 Smart enabled
    * Loaded with the following U3 programs
          o CruzerSync synchronization tool
          o SignupShield password manager
          o SKYPE voice over IP software
          o AVAST virus scan

which seems to be what you want

but, apart of seeing the 'U3' moniker, I know not much more
I phoned Express Data to aks them if the Sandisk they're shipping are the
U3 ones, but, they didn't know...