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[SLUG] Re: graduate programmers

On Fri, Feb 17, 2006 at 08:14:07AM +1100, ashley maher wrote:
> Anybody know the ball park for grad programmers these days in Sydney?

For your common-or-garden-variety graduate, probably no more than $30k --
they really don't know squat, and these days you can't even bet on them
being a fast learner.  They'll need lots of training and adult supervision
(which makes them a net *loss* for a couple of months) unless you're giving
them exactly the same cookie-cutter pseudo-work they spent three years
copying off their classmates.

Naturally, there are quite a number of graduates who exceed this base-level
expectation by quite a lot, but you assess those people based on their Real
Experience, not because they have a piece of paper.

- Matt