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Re: [SLUG] search engine rankings

Scott Ragen wrote:

> So does that mean if I include my website in my sigs to mailing lists, 
> search engines will pick it up when they crawl through the archives and 
> increase the page rank? 

It might work for a while {:-)
Oh wait, I didn't realise mine was there.
Nope, can not remeber if it made a differnce as it was so long ago that
I first added it.

Actually I think most search engines are more intelligent that that
these days, especially since it has been years since people started
spamming URL's through usenet.. Easy to drop a sig or to ignore URLs off
mailing lists.

> Just having a dig.. no harm meant.

None taken.
My usual answer to that question has been given;
1) pay for advertising, or
2) put up a porn flick and spam usenet.

Sadly, it is just one of those stages that management go through in web
development. Sadly, it can also be a part of a cycle.

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