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Re: [SLUG] DNS - Xen - Virtual server hosting

Ben Donohue wrote:
A little off the original question here but on the subject of virtual hosting did you know that VMware are giving away GSX server now for free? It used to be over AUD$2000 but they are feeling the heat from Xen and MS virtual software as well as others in the market.

They shouldn't be feeling the heat from Xen yet because Xen will not run Windows until the new Intel chips ship.

I have a problem with VMware after 2.6.13 kernel - it won't compile on 2.6.24 and later, which is why I am looking at Xen.

So their Linux version you can freely download and it works very well.

Dean Hamstead wrote:

hosts file?


Howard Lowndes wrote:

It's possible that I might be overlooking something very basic here, so bear with me pse.

I've been playing with Xen and can see it's potential for hosting virtual servers, each having a defined internal IP address and a defined internal MAC address bridged to the host.

What my problem is: how do I set up DNS so that externally thisdomain.tld and thatdomain.tld both point to the same external IP address, but internally they point to different internal IP addresses.

There might be some way of doing a selective DNAT in iptables using the MAC addresses, but that is escaping me at the moment.

It would be simpler to use a block of external IP addresses, but that is not an option just at the moment.

Clue sticks welcomed...

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