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[SLUG] NetBSD live CD

Hey I know this isn't Linux but a lot of you out there also like BSD 
variants and therefore I'm forwarding this message. Perhaps we could 
collate all the feedback and send it - otherwise feel free to use the 
usual bug reporting techniques.

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Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 23:14:41 -0500 (EST)
From: haidut at metawire dot org
To: president@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: NetBSD live CD


I am one of the developers of Arudius - a live CD Linux distro targeting information security professionals. The 
CD has a large collection of security tools and a very small footprint (210MB) so it fits on a mini-CD, thus it 
can load its tools completely into RAM and run them very fast. In addition to this security-related Linux 
distribution, we also developed a NetBSD live CD focusing on the non-security community. It is called NeWBIE (or 
simply Newbie). This acronym is pronounced just like the word "newbie" and stands for 
(Ne)tBSD (W)are (B)urned (I)n (E)conomy, a naming convention similar to the one used for the well-known FreeSBIE 
CD. Newbie caters to the desktop-user (i.e. with applications for web browsing, chat, multimedia, document editing, 
etc) but will also serve as a core for creating a NetBSD-based live CD for network security auditing just like 
Arudius (see the  website). We are also in the process of developing a DragonflyBSD version of NeWBIE.
The goal of both CDs is to promote the usage of Linux/BSD and hopefully serve as useful tools for people who
need that kind of software.
We would appreciate it if you try out the CDs and give us some feedback on how we can improve them (i.e 
configuration, install additional software, etc). If you find any of the CDs to be useful, please mention them on 
your site or post a link to the homepage - http://arudius.sourceforge.net
Thank you very much for your attention and if you have any questions feel free to send an email to haidut@xxxxxxxxx

best regards,