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Re: [SLUG] Fedora vs RH Enterprise - consultants advising to change

that said, they pay a lot of people to develop a lot of
software and or fix a lot of bugs.

dont forget that the redhat distribution brought polish
previously unseen in linux.

alas redhat would seem to be past their prime, but they have
contributed enormously to linux.

that all said, the debian distribution is still my favourite.


Okay I'll add my two cents worth as well. RedHat is a "for profit"
company, so they provide different product streams with different
benefits. Do we need them, no. Fedora/Ubuntu/Debian/Mandriva will do us
fine because we know (or should know) what we're doing.

For orgs that do not have a SLUG super geek at hand, RedHat support
gives them sense that they can a) Have someone they can call for help,
and b) Have someone to blame when it does go wrong.

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