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[SLUG] Re; tv setup

I have a Dvico Fusion HD DVB-T card which I haven't been able to get to work under any distro.

Kaffeine worked direct from the Kanotix 2005-4 Lite Final LiveCD so I installed it to this PC, booted Kaffeine, set Channels to Sydney-nth shore, scanned channels and it worked. Did same some time ago with earlier vrsion of Kanotix for my AverMedia card, which also worked.

I know that this thread was about mythtv, but the Kanotix config files may help somebody trying myth tv with a Dvico Fusion card.


> I have mythtranscode, but from a frontend I can't see it!
> BTW I have ordered 2 twinhan cards from auspc

You ordered 2 of them the same as mine? Sweet. auspcmarket is good, I
got mine next business day in Sydney (although the company is not far
from my work). So I reckon you should have them mid next week from Syd
-> Perth.

Let us know how you go. Are you going to use ubuntu 5.10? If so, I
will send you my txt file with 15 steps to get it going. Then from the
mythtv-setup you can do what you wish (as I am yet to write that up).

I just saw on the mail list for mythtv that 0.19 is due out probably
in the next few days. Maybe next week possibly. I guess I might have
to eventually when that reinstall happens do a manual compile attempt,
as I'd really like to use some of the features rolled upto 0.19 when
it comes out. But hey 0.18-1 works fine enough so far.