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Re: [SLUG] Public Holiday Calendars

Howard Lowndes wrote:
> Does anyone know of a source for public holiday calendar dates for
> Australia (all states) that looks forward, say 2 years.  I know that
> some states don't gazette their holiday dates until the last minute, but
> I need to be able to regularly refresh a listing I will be using in a
> database.
> Some are fixed (AU day, ANZAC day, Christmas, etc), some are calculable
> (Queen's bday, Labour day, Melb Cup day, etc), others are
> pseudo-astronomic (Easter - yes I do know the church works it out),
> others are local (Albury Cup half day, I give up there), so a calendar
> of dates is the best way to go.
> XML or plain text format would be best as I don't want to have to scrape
> a visual web site to get the data.

you can try one of the calendars you can find at
http://icalshare.com/index.php?topic=holidays - this is in the
well-documented ical-format and can be imported in a lot of
applications. ok, its not XML but it is still plaintext.

i havent tried them the last 2-3 months, so i dont know how up-to-date
the cals are.

br, gottfried

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