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Re: [SLUG] Re: pentium M series

<quote who="O Plameras">

> Someone should explain how this is done in your kernel.

No, James asked how we did the dynamic enable/disable of the SMP locks,
which is an entirely different thing to the existence of separate kernel
builds for UP and SMP (which you incorrectly assumed, based on no apparent
research or attention to detail in this very thread whatsoever, that Ubuntu
did not ship).

> You were asked by one poster  but you sidestep the question. And until
> now, there is no sensible explanation.

I did not sidestep the question about dynamic enable/disable of the SMP
locks. Sure, I did not explain it in depth, but James understood what we
were trying.

> Just saying I have no research is not true. I have and I explained my
> understanding.

You quoted two lines out of context (the comment would have helped you) to
assert that a) Ubuntu didn't ship an SMP kernel package and b) that Linux
did not support SMP (given that these two lines are direct quotes from the
kernel, Ubuntu or not).

Let's be clear:

 1) Ubuntu currently ships and supports separate packages for UP and SMP

 2) Ubuntu is experimenting with (in the developer branch) a patch that will
    dynamically optimise out the SMP locks on UP systems, thus allowing us
    to build only one kernel package for both UP and SMP systems

 3) Linux absolutely supports SMP, and your interpretation of the quoted
    code was wrong, mostly because you missed a crucial part of the original
    quote, but probably also because you seem to be incorrectly attributing
    this code to the Ubuntu dynamic UP/SMP patch (probably just confusion on
    your part)

- Jeff

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