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Re: [SLUG] Palm handheld repair?

<quote who="Leslie Katz">
> I finally got my Palm handheld synchronising nicely in Linux and then
> its touchscreen stopped working properly. What I've heard about Palm
> Australia's service makes me want to avoid it for repairs if possible.
> Does anyone know of a reputable Palm repairer in the Sydney area?

over the last x year, since my 1st PalmPilot Pro I had to use Palm's
repair service probably 2, or maybe 3 times.

every time, the handheld was delivered to me before I got home, well, almost.

last time, earlier this year, I dropped the damaged T3 at Acer mid-dayish,
replacemt unit was delivered next morning

if other companies had service 25% as good as Palm it would be outstanding

and, the fixed cost repair, compared what my buddy was quoted to repair
Ipaq's serial post... (well, serves him right for replacing Palm with
Ipaq, that's all I can say)

btw, just got a T|X, the built in WiFi is nice, the battery life is nice