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Re: [SLUG] Linux on a Dell Latitude X1

On 12/10/05, Erik de Castro Lopo <erikd-slug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> James wrote:
> > Pity about the linux Colour Scheme in the terminals though. Has anyone
> > got a good colourmap for a black background terminal.  The linux one
> > is fine when you are on a vty but under any X terminal it is bloody
> > awful and impossible to read.
> I specifcally set mine to look like that so I guess I'll
> have to disagree. You'll also notice that I set my text
> editor to be white on black as well.

I probably didn't explain myself properly. I am definately for white
on black but if you look at the colours when you are on a vty (ie ctrl
alt F1) by doing an ls -la for example (easy to read) and then do same
thing inside Xterm, Konsole, Gnome Term etc.. you can hardly read the
dark blue (directories) on black.  I was just wondering if someone has
come up with a similar colour scheme to the vty but with slightly
different colours that are readable on an X generated black terminal.