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Re: [SLUG] HP Photosmart 2575 setup

On 06/12/05, Lindsay Holmwood <lindsay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hal Ashburner wrote:

> Probing "/dev/usb/lp0"...
>     *** Found "Photosmart 2570 series" but failed to communicate with
> it!
>     *** Elapsed time for this attempt was 0 second(s).
>     *** Check syslog file for ptal-mlcd error messages.
>     *** See hpoj documentation for troubleshooting information.
> The key line in syslog appears to my ignorant eye as
> 'couldn't claim interface 2'

I've had a similar problems with a digital camera when permissions
weren't set correctly, but it's probably unrelated to this.

> I have hpijs & hplip installed as well as hpoj
> http://www.linuxprinting.org//show_printer.cgi?recnum=HP-PhotoSmart_2570
> So its a 2575 rather than a 2570, which I thought would be unimportant.
> Anyone got a cluebat handy?

I suppose the first thing to check re: usb1 vs usb2 on Dell hardware
would be whether the usb controller is actually picking up the device

An `lsusb` (with a -v if you're feeling game) will give you all the
necessary information about connected devices.

thebored % lsusb
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 03f0:4e11 Hewlett-Packard


If it's not showing up in the list, it's probably hardware related. If
it is showing up, it might be some sort of permissions based thing, or
maybe some simple misconfiguration with cups that'll take you half an
hour to find but end up being a single misplaced character. :-)
I've done zero configuration of cups.
This is failing
sudo /etc/init.d/hpoj setup
so permissions unlikely (unless I'm missing something)

echo "stuff" >>/dev/usb/lp0
make the printer make noises and such.

Check to see what type of USB driver you're using under Linux too (uhci,
ohci, ehci) - try swapping them in and out and see whether that makes
some sort of difference, especially if it's a usb version compatibility

hmm, scary, this was a pain to get right for wireless mouse and keyboard. Ok I'll try it

Finally, it could be just a driver related thing, with the printer just
not wanting to play nice with the Linux USB stack/drivers. I take it
you've googled for others instances of this?

I've googled the world. :(

We can rule out hardware, I was premature in my damning of Dell. I just booted a long negelected default OS that came with the box and got the printer working inside about 10 minutes of driver installation time.

Kind regards,
Hal Ashburner