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Re: [SLUG] OT - disposing of CRT tubes.

Try this at your own risk:
It is possible to (reasonably) safely de-vacuum a tube: The nipple is in the 
centre of the plug right at the back of the tube. If you squash (squeeze) the 
centre plastic protrusion with a pair of bull-nose pliers, the nipple will 
crack, letting the air in more gradually.  Still use goggles, & safety 
equipment, but the tube will stay in one piece. 
 Picture tubes now have an implosion shield in the front, so if the glass does 
break, the gun will not rocket out the front of the tube.

regards Doug

On Thursday 08 December 2005 12:50, you wrote:
> James Gray wrote:
> > Anyone know if there's any special disposal considerations for electron
> > accelerators (tubes)?
> I was under the impression that CRT glass was leaded glass and therefore
> needed special treatment, and because there was an oversupply of it,
> they were charging for disposal.
> >  Or can I just chuck it in the glass section of the
> > recycling bin?
> Standard rubbish bin unless your council tells you otherwise I was going
> to do kerbside pickup (4 free p.a) for the monitors I had until someone
> decided they want to take them home to recycle the copper from around
> the yoke.
> When I consider the amount of metal I dispose of annually, it is a shame
> that council doesn't open their recycling bins to a wider range of metals.