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Re: [SLUG] Linux music appliances?

On Saturday 03 December 2005 14:37, Luke Kendall wrote:
> This is probably a dumb question ...
> I'm looking for a small, quiet, Linux-based music appliance.
> The ideal would be a small fanless PC with CD drive and hard drive,
> little 2-line LCD screen and remote, with stereo audio outputs
> to load CDs in that then get converted into MP3s on an internal hard
> drive.  So you have all your music in a handy system you can connect to
> your stereo system.

Don't know of any specific appliance but have a look at this project on 
OpenSUSE called Jacklab.

JackLab supports openSUSE to have an extension (distribution) for audio/media 
and become a fast digital audio workstation with an audio-realtime-kernel and 
professional tools for music production up to VST instruments.



Graham Smith