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[SLUG] old svnadmin required to recover database


Does anyone have an old svnadmin-0.33.1 static binary lying around?  If you
have an old Debian unstable machine, that had subversion installed late
2003, then you might be able to help me :)

I've got an old subversion repo that I'd like to extract the changesets out
of, unfortunately the current subversion can't read it becaue it appears to
be in berkeley db 4.0 format -- but the db4.0 tools can't extract it because
the btree format in this database is version 9, it appears that the db4.0 I
have only supports version 8.   I hope this makes sense to someone...

Anyway, the upshot is that I think the only way I can recover from the repo
is to get a static build of svnadmin from around November 2003, versions
either 0.33.1, 0.34, or possibly 0.35.

I know the Debian packages at the time shipped a static build and kept it
lying around after upgrades just to one could dump and reload the database
in such an event, so I'm really hoping someone on the list has got it :)

If you have, can you send me it in private mail?