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Re: [SLUG] C Gurus

Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:

If you come to the SLUG meeting on Friday, I will bring you a copy of this book so you can see for yourself. If you then publically admit
that you were wrong on this issue you can keep the book [1].

Oh, I missed the offer.

It's nice of you to make that offer. Unfortunately, I can't come, physically but can be
reached by email.

Besides, your book will just gather dust. I suggest you gave it to SLUG enthusiasts
who are keen to learn C.

I'll make this offer, though. For every SLUG enthusiasts to whom you will give a book for free that can satisfy me that they learned from your book and say it's not a waste of their time, I'll offer to pay you half the bookshop's retail price . This offer is good for
up to 25 enthusiasts.

Thanks for your offer anyway.

O Plameras