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Re: [SLUG] C Gurus

Sam Couter wrote:

O Plameras <oscarp@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The reality of it all is anyone can learn C in one day and master it in one week.
By this I mean, after one week anyone will be able to read anyone's C code
provided it is written correctly.

You can't just make stuff up and pretend it's true! That's not how the
world works.

I learned C in two days. But this was at BellLabs, Dayton, Ohio in 1989, from the people
who invented C.

Again, newbies out there don't be intimidated with C. If you aspire to be the best of the best learn C. Five days of C language learning is a small change when compared to what will be in store for you once you have this tool. C language is the mother of many other languages.