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Re: [SLUG] Configuring a Netcomm NB2, ADSL modem.

Adam Dawes wrote:

Is a Netcomm NB2 ADSL modem supported in linux? If so, how do I go about setting it up?
I can find zero mention of linux on the Netcomm forum.
My distro is Ubuntu, 5.04
kernel 2.6.10-5-386
Please spoon feed me. My knowledge of linux is limited at best.
PS This is the second time I've looked to the SLUG for help. The first time, Richard Phil and Steve were most helpful with answers concerning X server and my new motherboard. Many thanks,

I have a netcomm nb1300, and it works fine, in fact any adsl modem will work fine if you use ethernet connection. You can use USB on a number of modems, but this can be a big pain and is not recommended. You can set via ethernet by using your browser and putting in the ip of the modem, usually or, with username = admin and password = password. You can use its firewall and port forwarding (if needed) but I prefer to set the modem to bridge, so that my Ubuntu box does the PPP0E connection and firewalling/ip forwarding etc. as the netcomms dont have the best reputation for security, but they do have a good reputation for low cost :) . Mine has served me well for 2 years now.

So basically, if you connect it via network cable, and access it with the ip address, there really is no reason it wouldn't work with linux. For instructions with setting the modem up, they will be the same regardless of Operating System, so just see the Windows instructions.