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Re: [SLUG] Laptop recommendations

Matthew Hannigan wrote:

> Erik,
> You may be interested that the X1 is a rebadged (repackaged?)
> Samsung Q30, with added bluetooth. (Rob, correct me if I'm wrong)
> I note that the Q30 now has bluetooth as well; ht.com.au have it
> on their website. DickSmith also have it in their powerhouse stores
> but don't advertise on their website for some reason.

Thanks Matt, thats really good to know. I would much prefer
a place where I can walk in and run a knoppix CDROM to test
a machine. Dell makes this a little hard :-).

> I just (like an hour ago) bought a Samsung R50, which meets all
> your specs, including full 6pin (i.e. powered) firewire and the
> availability of a long life battery.  Memory is default 512mb but
> expandable up to 2gb.

Where did you buy? Somewhere in the city?

> Complete specs on the net.  But note there's a few variations.  e.g.
> mine has ATI Radeon x600, but some have Intel video card.

Once thing I fogot to mention is that I'd quite like to get
some decent accelerated 3D graphics as well. Is hardware
acceleration available on any of these machines?

  Erik de Castro Lopo
"It is grossly irresponsible to connect a Windows machine directly to
the net.  ;-)"  -- John Wiltshire on the Sydney Linux User Group mailing list