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Re: [SLUG] Laptop recommendations

On 11/15/05, Erik de Castro Lopo <erikd-slug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Michael Fox wrote:

> Well the G3 iBook is certainly pretty old,

What disturbs me the most is that the OSX upgrade made a working reliable
Linux machine into a bucket of crap.

> atleast it wasn't a current G4 iBook. Certainly explains it. Bummer.

Well the current iBook have problems with unsupported wifi under Linux
and some problems with video drivers.

For me those are two more reasons not to go with Apple this time.
I was really happy with mine until it all turned to shit.

If they had wireless drivers available for linux it would be good, maybe one day the information will be available until then I guess we have to wait. Which sucks I must admit too.

I noticed when my wife got her machine the mac address on the wireless interface had changed a bit, which lead me to believe the manufacturer must of changed or a revision had been made to certain chips etc.