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Re: [SLUG] enter root password or type ctrl-D to continue...

md0 = /boot
md1 = /
md2 = other

For some reason md1 is busy on the reboot, so never gets turned into a read-only
like the other 2, but md0, and md2 do go read-only.  Now the problem I have is
that when booting into linux I find it asks me for the root password, or to type
ctrl-D to continue on into run level 3.  I have searched and search through the
logs, and well I can't find any type of error.  The only thing I can think of is
that md1 doesn't go read-only when rebooting/shutting down.  I just didn't think
this was the behaviour of an ext3 fs.

I don't know if this might affect things which partition is boot active?
what is your grub/lilo config? I know that in grub.conf
you can have the follow option

my assumption is that the boot loader isn't loading /dev/md1 first but loading
/dev/md0 so you have /boot without /
again this is an assumption. What distro are you running?
did you build the software raid yourself?