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Re: [SLUG] Maxi-multi boot layout?


The grub files need to be <1024 or NewBios else grub is not loaded by the 
bios, does not run, the end.
Once grub is loaded then grub can boot a kernel anywhere.

So grub is loaded by the bios and grub files are typically in /boot/grub which 
must be <1024 or subject to extension-rules.


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Subject: Re: [SLUG] Maxi-multi boot layout?
Date: Wednesday 12 October 2005 11:15
From: James <jam@xxxxxxxxx>
To: slug@xxxxxxxxxxx


> I think the bios is old (AMIBIOS (C) 2000), so probably doesn't have the
> extensions.  Yet other sluggers and the grub doco, says that doesn't
> matter.  E.g.:
> http://www.redat.com/docs/manuals/linux/RHL-7.3-Manual/ref-guide/ch-grub.ht
>     GRUB supports Logical Block Addressing (LBA) mode. LBA places the
>     addressing conversion used to find files on the drive in the drive's
>     firmware, and it is used on many IDE and all SCSI hard disks. Before
>     LBA, hard drives could encounter a 1024-cylinder limit, where the BIOS
>     could not find a file after that point, such as a boot loader or kernel
>     files. LBA support allows GRUB to boot operating systems from
> partitions beyond the 1024-cylinder limit, so long as the system BIOS
> supports LBA mode (most do).
> So now I'm a bit confused, even though the evidence seems to be in your
> favour.  :-):-)

I'm very confused too ...
RH9 builds a default /boot under 1024, warns you that the bios may not
 support booting when you overide, uses grub.

I've had a motherboad and disk that wont boot (using /boot < 1024 does work),
same disk new motherboard does boot. I don't understand! I appologise if my
experiences are contary to known science, and confused the issue.