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Re: [SLUG] debian python upgrage

Hi Peter,

Peter Miller wrote:

> OK, I give up.
> How the hell do I get my Debian install to upgrade from Python 2.3 to
> Python 2.4 ??

Debain will install the two in parallel.

> It seems to have both, but only uses 2.3, and won't use the 2.4 stuff to
> satisfy dependencies of other packages?!?

Thats correct. All the shipped Python packages require a particular version
of Python. At some later date a new set of packages will be shipped that 
use the later version.

> I'm sure it's something very simple, but I can't figure what. 

There's nothng you can do unless you want to rebuild all the packages
that use Python to use the new version.

This is all done for a reason; to make sure the packages remain working
even if the Python language changes slightly from release to release.

  Erik de Castro Lopo
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