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Re: [SLUG] PDA development help

On Thu Sep 29, 2005 at 20:46:07 -0700, pesoy misak wrote:
>Hi all 
>probably i didn't explain my situation properly :(
>sorry I mean I am trying  to develop a client for PDA
>(Personal Digital Assistant) either with Palm or
>Pocket PC now the trouble is there isn't much
>documentation regarding this. and the database i would
>require to have Postgresql that is running on a normal
>PC so this PDA is a normal client accesss to this db
>what is the best approach for this development
>many thanks in advance

Mmm, I found 3 or 4 years ago when I was doing this for a living that
Palm had quite extensive documentation which made it easy to target
using a GNU toolchain.

The device I was targetting did not have network ability and database
updates were down when the device was placed in the cradle and
performed a HotSync.

Basically we wrote our own HotSync script in python which would
download the data from the palm and then do apprpriate database
inserts to get stuff into the postgres database.

I still don't think I'm actually answering the question you have, but
I'm trying!