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Re: [SLUG] Your top-ten linux desktop apps

On Mon, 2005-09-26 at 19:45 +1000, Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:

> I'll bite :-). My somewhat unorthodox list:
>       gcc

of course.


vim - because my 20-something year unix veteran fingers already know the
key strokes 

> Valgrind

How did we ever live without it?

wget / curl - because some web sites make it far too hard to download
via a browser

The Gimp - because I can (and do) add my own plugins

timex - I have yet to find a better minute minder (after I hacked it
slightly).  Some have more features, but I haven't found a *significant*

Aegis - everyone should be useing a VC/SCM for all programming tasks:
pick one, there are now over a dozen F/OSS possibilities

> C offers you enough rope to hang yourself.
> C++ offers a fully equipped firing squad, a last cigarette and
> a blindfold.

and better type safety that sh, tcl, php and a shit load of other
"advanced" make-the- type-up- at-run-time you-can-only-find- bugs-by-
customers-using- it-for- real-and- suing-you (that some simple compile
time static analysis would have found) scripting languages.
(Don't you just love Erik's language trolls?)

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