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Re: [SLUG] Presentation Mind Control - 21st September 2005

Jacinta Richardson wrote:

G'day everyone,

You are invited to join us in a talk by Paul Fenwick about Presentation Mind
Control - how to make other people think your talk is much better than it really
is.  Come and learn some great tips on how to improve your presentations.

Just a friendly comment to say the use of "Mind Control" and "make ... people think ...your talk... is better than ... it is" are words that do not sync well with technical people and are hardly acceptable as modes of conduct or behaviour to many technical persons. That's probably why some people are so
emphatic in their comments.

In my view, it is impossible to achieve high technical discipline and honesty when entertaining the use of "Mind Control" and espousing the philosophy of "let's get people to think my product or service is better than it actually is'. It strikes at the heart of one's honesty, credibility, and reliability.

Just the same I intend to be present in this afternoon's presentation to find out for myself.

If you've check this page you'll know one of the many reasons as to what I mean:

The intention of this post is to clarify why it is so controversial and generates a lot of heat.

Don't mean to offend anyone.

O Plameras

Conference Presentation Mind Control
At the heart of any good conference are its presenters.  To learn new skills and
discover new ideas are what conferences are all about -- at least that's what
you tell your boss when you apply for funding.  Presenting is a rewarding, and
often prestigious activity, but some speakers seem to do it better than others.

Paul Fenwick shares his experiences of almost a decade of teaching and public
speaking.  Discover how to keep your audience's attention, how to improve your
presentation techniques, and how to use mind control to get others to do your

When:      6:30pm, 21st September 2005
Where:     James Squires Brewhouse
          2 The Promenade,
          King St Wharf
Fee:       $0.00

This event is hosted by the Sydney Perl Mongers.  Also presenting will be Andrew
Savige discussion Damian Conway's newest book: Perl Best Practices.

Everyone is welcome.

All the best,


O Plameras