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Re: [SLUG] wifi router

Julio Cesar Ody wrote:
WRT54G+OpenWRT is probably not the best solution if all you want is a
router+dhcp server, dns and firewall. The out-of-the-box solution will
do it. Unless of course you want to do it yourself...

this is not my intention right now, because having wifi up and running again has top priority for me. but maybe sometimes in the near future i will have enough time and costumizing the wifi router will be a nice pastime.

i have checked a lot of routers in the last time and i have also found the asus wl500g(d) that has usb support. this would make it a lot easier to build an standalone mp3 player (usb sound device and storage), to set up a simple webserver or even an ssh-server if this is possible.

anyway, i think i will pick the asus wl500gd.

cu, gottfried