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[SLUG] wifi router


i am currently looking for a wifi router that will replace current linux
box (it died this week after a long life full of work - RIP). but i dont
want to replace the box with a new linux box because the new hardware i
will get in shops will be an absolute overkill.

i am looking for router which can act like linux as a full-featured
router (sharing via wifi/lan, dhcp-server, dns-server, firewall,
wep/wap, nat, ...) .

last time i have read an article about openwrt and i would like to have
a router that is supported by this project. but the list of supported
hardware is overwhelming. i have seen a lot of people using the linksys

could someone share some experiences with this piece or with openwrt? is
it really that easy to use the linksys with openwrt and are there any
tradeoffs using linux instead of the original firmware?

thanks, gottfried

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