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Re: [SLUG] serial to ethernet

Richard Hayes wrote:

Dear list,

I am looking for a way talk between a serial connection and ethernet.

Do you mean serial connection and TCP/IP ?

If yes, and the two computers you wish to connect are spacially near each other, like not more that 100 feet (in theory) then you can use serial connection wired as null-modem and run point-to-point (PPPD) software. There is no need for modems. This is as fast as the serial adapter will permit as it is not restricted by the modem

Of course we know that when two computers are located farther away, then you
need standard serial connections through modems and Telstra Exchange
(meaning you need a pair of telephone lines one for each modem).

I know there are connectors that will do it but I am trying to do it with software to reduce the need for hardware.

Would some form of 'softmodem' work?


Richard Hayes