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Re: [SLUG] Aptitude command to TOTALLY remove KDE

Howard Lowndes wrote:
Whilst we're on about documentation - have you ever found any Windows doco that really answers your problem... Have you ever found any Windows doco...

As in produced by Microsoft , then NO, but what they do produce is far better than any attached to most Linux software, especially recent stuff. Plus *nix has never done "example" well.

I score better with solving MS * problems under google, which is worrying. Perhaps it is just that MS has the numbers. I hope it isn't approaching senility.

In anycase, saying "oh but Linux is better that Microsoft" doesn't mean that the OS/software is anything other than a complete fetid dump. The analogy is arguing whether liberal or labor is better {:-).

In my view, good software should be easy to config.
(1) you can work it out from the configuration options, or
(2) its internal documentation should tell you.

It seems to me that Linux software has totally dumbed and/or dumped (2) and is now progressing to obskcewfurrfate (1){:-).

I guess I am just an engineer at heart, I don't give a rats about the "internal beauty"[1], I just want to know how to use it to destroy trees, move mountains, drain oceans, kill people, etc, etc, etc.

If the only constant is change, then having to spend time reading "War & Peace" to gain a hint is a complete and utter waste of time. As is reading source code.

[1] If I want internal beauty, I'd take a cuppa and deck chair onto the porch and enjoy the wonderful lighting effects that the wind and clouds are now producing outside.

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